FAQS: Who is the Crowne Plaza Hotel Owner?

Like all hotels in the Crowne Plaza family, our location is operated or leased by IHG. The InterContinental Hotels Group holds its individual hotels to high standards. As such, every owner and general manager must adhere to strict hospitality guidelines.  Terry Tognazzini is downtown’s Crowne Plaza hotel owner.

How Does the Crowne Plaza Serve Businesses?

Our hotel serves business in a number of ways. Of course, we have group rates which can benefit your business bottom line. Furthermore, our location is in walking distance to the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center and other business destinations. Our facilities include rooms that you can rent for meetings, banquets or entire conferences. During their stay, your employees will have in-room WiFi as well as access to a fully-equipped business center. If your business wants good accommodations while saving money, check out our low rates.

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How Does Your Hotel Serve Families?

Each room has a fridge and a microwave. This helps families manage their food budget. There’s also a swimming pool that’s fun for the whole family. Most importantly, perhaps, our low prices reduce your overall hotel costs, leaving you more money for the area’s family destinations. From our door, you walk or ride free transportation to the Georgia World Aquarium, the GeO Observation Deck, the Perot Museum of Science and Nature, and world-class art, sculpture, and history museums. Keeping you fed, you’ll find family-friendly eateries and familiar chains just minutes from our door as well as our own restaurants.  The owner of Crowne Plaza hotel would like to invite your family to check out our affordable rates and comfortable rooms.

Do Your Rooms Have WiFi?

In a word, yes. All guests are provided with access to Wi-Fi in their rooms. This can be used for your phones, tablets and laptops.

Do You Allow Pets?

There are some restrictions, but our location is a pet-friendly hotel. For more information about pets at the Crowne Plaza and for details about pet-friendly Dallas destinations, click here.

Is Downtown Dallas a General or Specific Place?

Downtown Dallas is a very specific place. It is bordered on all four sides by major highways and freeways. This gives it a clear definition. However, it is the atmosphere created by its many distinct areas that gives it such an exciting reputation. Within the downtown, you’ll find the historic West End, the nation’s largest urban art district, the Farmers Market area, the sprawling Convention Center, and the Reunion Center with its Arena Park. One of the reasons so many people choose the Crowne Plaza is to be close to the action without overpaying for their hotel room. There are certainly other hotels in Dallas, but you won’t find anything as affordable that’s blocks from the Dallas World Aquarium.  Learn more about things to do downtown.

Are Group Rates Really More Affordable at the Crowne?

We keep our basic rates low, and our group rates are therefore even more affordable. We will work with your group to keep costs down and to provide you with the rooms and services that you need. Whether you are hosting your family reunion, bringing your college soccer team, or looking for accommodations while attending an event at the Convention Center, the Crowne Plaza can help you manage your costs.

Does the Crowne Plaza Have a Swimming Pool?

We have an inviting pool that is sure to please singles, couples and families. It is definitely the place to relax after a long business meeting.

Are There Restaurants in the Hotel?

We have three bars and restaurants to serve guests. You don’t ever need to leave the premises. There are also more than 50 different eateries within minutes of our door.

What Transportation is Available in the Area?

Our hotel has a parking garage for guests. We have an area shuttle that can take you to many of the downtown sites. It can also take you to the train station to catch an airport-bound train. There’s also an M-Line trolley which covers the arts district. For more information, click here.

What is the Crowne Plaza address?

We are located at 1015 Elm Street in the heart of downtown Dallas. You can walk or take our shuttle to major sites and area restaurants.

How can you book a room?

You can use our online scheduler to book a room for yourself or a group. Our phone number is (214) 742-5678.